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Otis Design Week: 
Kali Nikitas, the head of the graphic design department at the Otis College of Art and Design, invited me to give two workshops at their Design Week in Los Angeles. My briefing … or maybe better question was simple: Is it possible to design a poster in a larger group?

Looks that way, doesn’t it? The first group designed a game with simple rules. Something like the snake game you know from old Nokia mobile phones. But with eight snakes. While one group tried to write something with simple black and white tiles, the other group destroyed what they wrote. The second group took the task even more serious and tried to choreograph the design. That is, each person was a part of the design. They created short movies that can be played in an endless loop.

A huge thank you to the students!
Linde Luyten, Mul Eline, Sunny Nguyen, Audrey d-Ernville, Guo Qi Er, Ayodimeji Adeshina, Sydnee Haley, Minfei Li, Mallory Cadwell, Samantha Danan, Zhu Xiao, Jin Ye, Jessica Yu.

And of course to Otis, Swissnex and the Zeugin Design Foundation for supporting that project. I was incredibly happy to be able to realize this exchange. Thank you very much!
Date: August 4, 2014

WIRED: An animated typography and perspectives experiment for the splash page of the WIRED Magazine which opens the feature stories section. The Numbers you can read perhaps represent the volume number (22) and the issue number (07). For a solid effect, the animation should be played in loop mode.
Date: July 4, 2014

Shanghai Type: Type animation for the largest LED screen in the world in shanghai. I can’t wait to see it on that building.
Date: March 18, 2014
Tags: Animation