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Feixen is the graphic design work of Felix Pfäffli. Felix was born in 1986. In 2010 he graduated and started his own studio «Feixen». In the summer of 2011 he was appointed as teacher at the Lucerne School of Graphic Design to teach in the fields of typography, narrative design, and poster design. Since 2013 he is a member of the AGI (Alliance Graphique International).

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Felix Pfäffli
Löwenplatz 5
CH-6004 Luzern

E: post(at)feixen.ch


Étapes 194
9 Pages Featuring + Interview

10 Pages Featuring

IdN Most Wanted
4 Pages Featuring

Computer Arts Projects 149

Computer Arts No.174
Double side illustration
Computer Arts No.172
B-Sides and 3fach poster

Barcelones magazine
Double side illustrations

Télérama magazine
Cover — Tomorow poster
Ein Boa Teil
Bye,bye,Boa! — Photographs
Blutt magazine

Felix Pfaeffli

Une Saison Graphique
Le Havre, France
→ 6.Mai – 14. June 2014
Felix Pfaeffli

Chaumont Design Graphique
Chaumont, France
→ 17.Mai – 9. June 2014

100 Years of
Swiss Graphic Design

Category: Music
23e festival int. de l’Affiche et du graphisme de chaumont 2012
Selected Awards:
- Südpol Posters
Bienale Brno 2012
Selected Awards:
- Südpol Posters
The 100 Best Posters 2011
Selected Awards:
- Posters for the Poster

China Int. Poster Biennial '11
Selected Awards:
- B-Sides 2011
- Wenn ich Bock habe, mann!
- Funk am See

New Form '11: China/Czechia Paper Cuts

Soirée Graphique '11, Berne
Taiwan Int. GD Award
Selected Awards:
- Youth Radio 3fach Poster

Festival Nrmal '11, Mexico

Leipzig / Luzern '11
24th Int. Biennial of GD Brno
Selected Awards:
- Youth Radio 3fach Poster
6th Int. Poster Triennal Sofia
Selected Awards:
- B-Sides '09
22nd Int. P. Biennale Warsaw
Selected Awards:
- B-Sides '09
- 3fach poster
21e festival int. de l’Affiche et du graphisme de chaumont
Selected Awards:
- B-Sides '09
- 3fach poster
Hong Kong Int. Poster Trien. '10
Selected Awards:
- B-Sides '09
Chicago Int. Poster Biennial
Selected Awards:
- B-Sides '09

Etudiants, tous à Chaumont
Second Price, Tomorrow poster
10th Tehran Int. Poster Biennial
Selected Awards:
- B-Sides '09
LAD Fest 2015
Lima, Peru
→ 12. - 13. February 2015
Shanghai Institute of Visual Art
Shanghai, China
→ 9. December 2014
Shanghai, China
→ 6. December 2014
Seoul, Korea
→ 20. – 24. October 2014
Moscow Design Week
Moscow, Russia
→ 15. October 2014
Higher School of Economics
Moscow, Russia
→ 13. October 2014
Captcha Designfestival
Mannheim, Germany
→ 2. – 9. August 2014
Otis Design Week
Otis, USA
→ 16.– 21. June 2014
Felix Pfaeffli

After School Club 3
Offenbach, Germany
→ 24.– 28. March 2014
Felix Pfaeffli

Lette Verein
Berlin, Germany
→ 25. February 2014
Felix Pfaeffli

Musée des beaux-arts du Locle
→ 7. December 2013
The Basel School of Design
Building C, Room No. CEG8
→ 20. November 2013
Felix Pfaeffli

Felix Pfaeffli

Lucerne meets Moscow
Higher School of Economics, Moscow
→ 16. October 2013
Felix Pfaeffli

Felix Pfaeffli

Felix Pfaeffli

Integrated 2013
International Art & Design Conference
Desingel Antwerp
→ 24. October 2013
M1:1 #8
Hfg University of Art and Design
Offenbach, Germany
→ 28. May 2013
Felix Pfaeffli

Felix Pfaeffli

Felix Pfaeffli

TDC DAY 2013
Suginami Campus, Tokyo
→ 6. April 2013

Mathis Pfäffli
Nadine Gerber
Mario Suter
Erich Brechbühl
Daniel Peter
Märt Infanger
Claudio Barandun
Megi Zumstein
Simon Schnellmann
Samuel Egloff
Franca Moor
Michael Kryenbühl
Ivan Weiss
Dominique Fischer
Florian Lamm
Pascal Storz
Jakob Kirch
Noel Leu
Bujar Berisha

B-Sides Festival
Radio 3fach
Südpol Luzern
Juso Luzern
Grilli Type

Barcelonés Magazine
Computer Arts Magazine
IdN Magazine
IDPURE Magazine
Étapes Magazine

All images, photography, typography, illustration and concepts on these pages, features work by Felix Pfaeffli, unless stated otherwise.

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